Rules to Travel with Sex Toys and Clear Airport Security 

Besides all of the rules we now have to follow while preparing to travel, nobody wants to have an embarrassing moment at airport security where some smug inspector finds your prized personal items. Many people travel with intimate items, it’s not uncommon, so here are some tips to help you avoid having those mortifying moments in public.

Yes, Vibrators are safe for airline travel.

Rules on how to travel with sex toys:

Remove the batteries

It is essential to prevent the vibrator from turning on accidentally during transit. It can draw attention in public. Besides, the battery gets discharged. Therefore, separate the batteries and store them in a plastic bag.

The lock feature is essential.

If the vibrating toy is rechargeable, then check for a lock feature. It prevents accidental switching on when buttons get pressed.

Choose discreet, bullet style or small sex toys for air travel

Small toys can get stashed away anywhere and draw less attention. On the other hand, a vibrator with glittery rabbit ears or zebra stripes can catch attention, as its design highlighted. You can choose a large vibrator but ensure that the design is minimalist and straightforward. Bullets, cock rings, and butt are recognizable in your handbag, but be creative with packing.

Snuggle them between clothes

Instead of allowing the sex toy to move around freely, wrap them in a carrying bag. Place it between the layers of clothes. If your bag gets searched, you can confess that the bag holds a sex accessory so that they can do the checking in private.

It would help if you also kept them wrapped because a silicone toy comes in contact with another silicone item causes damage. Instead of packing all the plastic toys in a container or bag together, wrap them separately. Storing them in a drawstring bag also keeps them clean because having them snuggled against your shoes sounds terrible. Meant for private use, so you need to keep them clean.

If questioned, answer calmly

When asked questions, remember to answer in simple terms. Maintain calmness because the security personnel is aware and trained to handle such sensitive matters in a relaxed way. As soon as they know that the little gadget is a sex toy, they will clear your baggage, and you are on your way to vacationing.


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