A bachelor party can turn out to be a complicated and failure event if you do not plan it properly. No one desires to give their friends a disastrous stag night, but if certain things are taken into consideration, then they will have a memorable bachelor party.

Decide where to go and when

Based on the groom’s interest, the best friend or the planner should put forward three destinations and give him. Offering the groom these options creates an illusion that he is controlling as well as you are containing him in the parameters you chose. Some bachelor’s only see the potential place to visit is Las Vegas.

Planners need to choose locations that are near because if you spend more than 24 hours in just traveling to and fro does not make sense. If the groom wishes to go to some international location, then make it known that the group members will need to be cut down unless he agrees to visit a nearby cabin, where plenty of activities can be enjoyed as girls do exist and the cost isn’t prohibitive.

If you decide to go to a gentleman’s club, then…….

Opt for a safe location nearby

For example, if you reside near Florida then choosing the Cheetah gentlemen’s club is cool and secure. As everyone will be enjoying multiple rounds of alcohol it is necessary to opt for a safe location.

The majority of stag parties are scheduled 2 to 4 days before the big day. Therefore, it becomes more important to choose a location you are sure will allow the groom and his friends to participate in the wedding on time.


You will also need to decide the number of friends participating in the stag night to get a clearer picture of the money required. The groom will desire that everyone invited will participate, but it is wise to keep the group as small as possible.

With size more than ten, the tables at bars and meals need to be separate. This will break the group and rupture the social dynamic. So, plan a small group and see everyone’s need is satisfied. Anyone from the bride’s side can create an awkward situation!


Research on a potential strip club is crucial. Services offered to differ from one club to another. The research will help to compare and find which one is affordable. You will need to consider the charges incurred for the whole night. It includes –

  • How much to allocate for drinks?
  • How much to spend on the strippers?
  • Guys enjoy a lap dance, so how professional will the dance be.

Contact the potential strip club and get an idea of the kind of services offered and their stag package offers. You can plan a budget from here and get a rough idea on how much is needed for a stag night celebration.

Two important rules

  1. Ensure everything is opt-in and each participant must know the approximate cost in advance.
  2. Never overbook events because people with a hangover naturally don’t do many activities.

Have fun!

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