Even though there are legal and stigmatized realities associated with escorts, men still prefer them. Escorts who are skilled in identifying the needs of her clients do very well. On the other hand, there are clients who are unaware or unwilling to discuss about the reasons why they hire an escort.

If she meets a section of those undeclared needs then she will swiftly know how appreciative her clienteles can be. Getting this right leads to multiple return business and swiftly growing regulars list.

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Unclear reasons guys see an escort


Even married men or those have a full social life are lonely and isolated deep in their heart. It may be due to the fact that he has to fulfill many odd expectations with the one who they really are with.

With an escort the guy has no burden of fulfilling expectation. Rather than always being careful about his self-image he finds it relaxing to be in a neutral zone with a stranger.

Signs of loneliness an escort spots including desire to talk more and try to connect at personal level. If she is capable to deal this intimacy degree then without any concern, he becomes a regular.


The fact that escorts earn a lot indicates that men adore to stray in seek of adventure. Dealing with an extramarital affair is a big NO for many married men or guys with a girlfriend. They are not interested in cheating but desire to enjoy sex in a new way. Escorts are a great way of experimenting without damaging a guy’s primary relationship.

When the client highlights on confidentiality and discretion means he is protecting himself from girlfriend or a wife. Escorts are great in offering discreet, confidential and safe encounter. Their request may be quiet ordinary for an escort, so they stay inside their comfort zone and allow the client indulge in his wants. Now, she has a regular!

No caring….No sharing

The fact is that feminized society has increased and men’s scope to be only-men is narrowing as days pass. The days male attitudes were mattered at home, social world and business are slowly vanishing.

Some men desire to eliminate the pretense of caring and sharing. Even in his workplace, if he looked at an attractive lady in the wrong way opens him to accusations of sexual harassment. Man wishes to take some time from this sharing and caring world, visit an escort ad reward himself.

This does not mean an escort will be his slave and his rules in the bedroom will be followed or hers will be ignored. Ultimately, she will thoroughly satisfy and win a regular client.


Successful men lead a very hectic and taxing life. Money is not an issue but time is. Such clients are looking for escapes. He wants to eliminate the burdens like pressure, decisions, and other life baggage from his shoulder.

Knowing this an escort can plan to provide him pleasure like offering good wine, food, and music. She need to draw him out and keep him amused. When he feels relaxed and attentive lead him to the bed.

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